Local Issues

I’m very proud to be working within the communities of Dublin Central and to be raising my children in Dublin 7. It is a thriving collection of communities but we can do so much more to make it a better places to live, raise our families and grow old in.

If there is a local issue that concerns you, please do get in touch. Follow me on facebook @MarieSherlockDublin for the latest issues and updates.

My priorities for these communities

Better Public Transport

Get BusConnects right- the principal of a higher frequency and more extensive service is good, but the proposed design needs a lot more work. Greater balance needs to be struck between needs of commuters and those of older persons, young families and those with mobility access difficulties.

Encourage more cycling

We need safer cycling facilities in our city; proper segregation of cycle lanes to encourage more commuters and family to travel by bike. We also need to extend Dublin Bike Scheme beyond the North Circular Road into the rest of Phibsborough, Drumcondra, Glasnevin, Cabra and Navan Road

Adequate and secure housing  

Let’s get the balance right. If we want more people to make their lives here and become embedded in our community, we need Dublin City Council, the state agencies that own land here and developers to target a better mix between building homes, student accommodation and civic space in how planning decisions are made. We also need faster action on derelict sites and vacant properties.

At this stage, few of us are untouched by the crisis in the rental sector or the inability to buy- whether it is within our own families, our neighbours or co-workers or friends. The private sector can only do so much. Similar to the norm in so many other countries, Government should build good quality housing for all types of families-social, affordable and full price.

A Cleaner Greener community

New ideas are needed to prevent and tackle the scourge of illegal dumping. We need smarter enforcement of existing laws, greater monitoring of blackspots and preventative actions such as landscaping and street lighting.