Local Issues

Let’s make the communities in the north inner city a better place to live. I’m very proud of the community I live in, but so much more can be done. If there is a local issue that concerns you, please do get in touch. Follow me on facebook @MarieSherlockDublin for the latest issues and updates.

My priorities for the north inner city

  • We need a greater balance in what is being built.
  • So many families and individuals who already live here want to make it their permanent home. We need to get the balance right between much needed student accommodation and the building of homes and we can’t allow excessive use of Air BnB hollow out our communities. We need the many disused sites and bricked up buildings to accommodate new business, additional housing and more green space.
  • Investing in parents, schools and in local activities.The beauty of the north inner city is that it is so diverse. Yet the jobless and highly paid professionals live cheek by jowl in the north inner city and there is little or no spill over effect across areas. Starting with those vital early childhood years right through to school and to early adulthood, so much more can be done for children by investing in parents, in local schools and in local sports activities.
  • Secure, decently paid work opportunities for those living here.  Areas don’t need rebranding, they need real opportunity. I’m strongly committed to ensuring that the Clery’s deal for those in the north east inner city is implemented. Areas  transform when the majority in the area have secure, decently paid jobs.
  • A cleaner, greener north inner city. So many people have worked tirelessly to maintain and restore pride to our communities. But we need greater help and new ideas to prevent and tackle the scourge of illegal dumping. We need smarter enforcement of existing laws, greater monitoring of blackspots and preventative actions such as landscaping and lighting.
  • Safer cycling on our roads and along the Liffey. Let’s make cycling the safe and healthy choice to get around. We cannot wait for more death or serious injury on our roads and streets. I feel passionately that we live by example and show our kids that cycling is a great way to travel around.